From an early age I have had a fascination of fine Swiss timepieces, I found their combination of innovative design and detailed construction to be very inspiring. But it wasn't until I was 19, when I bought a used Rolex AirKing, that I truly caught the bug.

Whilst studying a BA in product design (many, many moons ago), my student loan funded my watch addiction. It allowed me to trade and experience the finest watches I could, Rolex after Rolex then Cartier and so on!

As my interest in horology grew, I noticed most high street stores and magazine advertisements were populated by the same brands. Although I had acquired a fond admiration for them, I felt there must be more to discover from a country with such a rich heritage of fine watchmaking.



Picture this, an online destination that connects you to a truly unique and exciting world of watches and accessories, far removed from what you mostly find on the high street. A place that curates particular models from each brand, instead of plunging whole collections for you to sift through. Those pieces that would encourage one to ask "what is that?". These are the conversation pieces.

The Convopiece Appointment service brings a specially curated mini watch boutique to you, - wherever you are; at home, work or yacht. From the bespoke presentation box to the surprise pieces I always bring, this is a personal shopping experience you will never forget. To learn more about his exclusive invitation only service click here.



I would say 90% of my clients already own a few luxury watch brands from Patek to Omega. The other 10% have been either luxury timepiece first timers who wanted something different, or those who have a few timepieces and want to add more uniqueness to their collection.

Convopiece is about exceptional taste and personal expression, not conformity or price. My mission is to understand, compliment and inspire your personal brand. Time is precious, I personally thank you for spending yours here.


Mr Aldred, MD Convopiece