Franc Vila bespoke story – The brief:


“I like the Franc Vila watches but am after a one-off, something truly unique just for me.”

Blue_Franc_Vila_King_Cobra_Skeleton_Convopiece_Convopiece.com_Bespoke _Case_Study.jpg


The solution


———— As a someone who likes diamonds and oversized statement watches, this had to be exceptional. He already owned a white diamond, gold case Franc Vila so we proposed a more versatile and refined  design that would still appeal. 

This maverick brand is super niche and has a cult-like following. Aside from its signature oval case shape, the Franc Vila Cobra Suspended Skeleton is a talking point: the skeletonised movement is completely suspended by a series of tiny springs. The client’s favourite colour, blue, was the instant choice for the seamless carbon details, while black diamonds on the case and buckle added a more delicate sparkle that increases the versatility of occasions the timepiece can be worn. 


———— If the watch industry doesn’t offer a watch you like – one that answers your practical and aesthetic needs – then why not create your own brand? That is exactly what Spaniard Franc Vila did in 2004. Vila was not new to the watch world, he’d been an enthusiastic collector since childhood, but after academic studies centred on art, design, science and philosophy his career proved equally eclectic with stints in film production, biochemistry, education and, appropriately for someone from Valencia, luxury leather goods.

Vila is a natural iconoclast and his watches flourish outside of the design mainstream where he is resolved to stay. The influence of his home – Valencia is well known for its expertise in leather and porcelain – shows in his often playful use of colour and in his insistence on superb craftsmanship and ever-present practicality. Vila never forgets that a watch should always be useful and beautiful. Contemporary, original classics ­– this is high-art watchmaking at its finest.




Franc Vila

Cobra Suspended Skeleton

Suspended manual-wind
FV18E calibre

Hours and minutes

ø 55 mm
Black DLC titanium
Blue carbon fibre
Hand-set black diamonds

Sapphire front and back

Black alligator strap, rubber lining
Black DLC titanium buckle,
hand-set with black diamonds





Blue_Franc_Vila_King_Cobra_Skeleton_front_Convopiece.com_Bespoke _Case_Study.jpg


Blue_Franc_Vila_King_Cobra_Skeleton_side_view_Convopiece.com_Bespoke _Case_Study.jpg

Blue_Franc_Vila_King_Cobra_Skeleton_buckle_Convopiece.com_Bespoke _Case_Study.jpg

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