Bespoke watches – Case study No. 5


“I’m ready to try a new brand. Something different from my collection but still suited to my style, surprise me!”



Brief No 5. The solution

the statement watch

———— As an owner of a Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time and a few other world-timers by Laurent Ferrier, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger-LeCoultre, this was a hint at a preferred complication that suits a well-travelled lifestyle as well as an eye for beautiful design. The only void was uniqueness and a fresh approach. 

It’s rare a young brand can instantly have an appeal like Le Rhöne, but they create exclusive and beautifully designed watches that are distinctive, yet nostalgic of other watches we love. Suited to a modern gentleman, the Hedonia JMT displays your ‘home time’ through an oversized aperture on the dial, while ‘local time’ uses the hands. The graphic-styled 41mm case design is modern with a classic silhouette and an intriguing mix of brushed and polished finishes. The logo rotor is sporty yet technical whilst the knurled crown [@Adrian – I cannot find this info. Can you please check it is correct?] adds a touch of elegance. We created a bespoke dial in deeper ‘night sea blue’ with matching custom length alligator strap. The result, a modern world-time watch unlike any other.  


———— Headquartered in Geneva, Le Rhöne embraces the atmosphere of its elegant home city, creating refined watches with links to potent manmade symbols and nature. 

 Le Rhöne was founded in 2012 by two school friends, Loïc Florentin and Timo Rajakoski, who, having spent time in conventional professions, joined forces through their shared passion for watches. Their watches are created by skilled artisans who respect the traditions and precision of the Swiss watchmaking industry, but these two independent thinkers celebrate originality.

 One collection from the brand, named Road Racer, found inspiration in an American 1960s Muscle Car the Chevrolet Camaro, while another collection, Hedonia Grande Phase de Lune, boasts a formidable representation of the moon in mother of pearl. The Rhone River rises among the glaciers of Switzerland and is tamed in the genteel environs of Geneva. Le Rhöne watches draw their strength from Swiss watchmaking heritage and their sophistication from the same city but it’s hard to imagine Loïc and Timo ever being tamed.    




Franc Vila

Cobra Suspended Skeleton

Suspended manual-wind
FV18E calibre

Hours and minutes

55 mm
Black DLC titanium
Blue carbon fibre
Hand-set black diamonds

sapphire front and back

Black alligator strap, rubber lining
Black DLC titanium buckle
hand-set with black diamonds









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