Watch Anish. A meeting of minds

Unique watches and strong personal style go hand in so when I was stopped  and photographed for sartorial and watch reasons by a equally dapper gentleman and his blog ready team, a friendship was imminent.

Watch Anish says. "I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian when I unceremoniously bumped into him at Salon QP 2012 in London and asked him to pose for some pictures for our website. Being a young well dressed gent I felt we had a connection of sorts and I'm glad to say I've been proved right.”

“Convopiece takes an alternative look at the watch world through unique and quirky horology as opposed to the mass media and marketed pieces that are usually thrust in front of us. It helps to show and introduce new and original brands that may go otherwise unnoticed, and is something I reference to when searching for those 'left of centre' pieces!" No doubt an exciting collaboration is in the making. 

adrian aldredComment