A conversation with... Roland iten The world's finest luxury men's accessories

What makes a belt cost over £25000 and a credit card holder £16000 plus? Most would shy away from the figures alone. I met the talented designer Roland Iten ( and his lovely wife ) to learn about the craft, innovation and philosophy behind the world's finest luxury men's accessories.

His philosophy
The philosophy of the brand is to be "purposely playful". Crafted Iike a fine Swiss timepiece using the same tools, finishes and materials. Frrom Sapphire crystal to titanium, every product has a useful transforming action to it. He passionately states "I don't do cufflinks, I don't do belt buckles, I'm doing little mechanical machines you can use as cufflinks and belt buckles"

Roland Iten Bugatti Belt

Luxury defined
Luxury to Roland Iten is made of two elements 1. Power, and 2. Confidence without these two elements he believes results are flawed. His aim is to serve people who savour every detail of a quality lifestyle taking nothing for granted. "The appeal is not how my products look, it's how they feel". Personally experiencing a belt that mechanically re-adjusts for more comfort once seated is unforgettable. Mr Iten's clients get accustomed to this level of quality and return, as nothing else compares.

Unrivalled quality
"When you do mechanics for the body, no oils can be used" watch movements use lubricants to perform and need servicing, I could not imagine serving a belt or cufflinks so mechanical innovation is key. The friction of dust performs as a lubricant when working to such extreme tolerances. Roland Iten pieces work better with use, like bedding in new brake pads.

Roland Iten cufflinks

My final thoughts
I'm sum. To own a Roland Iten product is a statement of both ultra high luxury and  integrity of purpose, a true rarity these days. A painstakingly finished watch movement need not exist if it does not tell the time! These are purchases of a quality that will last generations. Something created without compromise and designed to enhance your life can only represent true value. 

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visit www.rolanditen.com 

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