It's no secret that Apple make great products, what consistently amazes me is the level of desire that is generated in the run up to and before each release. Desire surpasses our needs and rationale, it has been leveraged by luxury brands for lifetimes and ultimately, it sells. I believe Apple's magic is in listening, analysing and development to constantly give people what they want, the Apple Watch is a perfect example. 

Apple watch

Creating black, matt finished and even 18 carat gold versions is another way of distinguishing one from the masses whilst keeping you within the brand, clever. 

Launching with such variety reduces the parameters for after-market customising, which is a similar approach adopted by the car industry, think about it, who buys after market alloy wheels nowadays? Makes no sense when you can order 20 inch wheels that look great from the manufacturer. 

Where does this leave the luxury mechanical watch? 
Some have iPhones whilst others opt for a hand-finished Vertu mobile for that lifestyle statement. The Apple Watch will be adopted by general consumers and watch enthusiasts alike. One is an everyday life companion, the other is a statement of one's refinement, tradition and the evolution of micro engineering, each serve a different purpose. 

Final thoughts
There are pros and cons of wearable technology, as the line between our real and digital lives continues to blur. Monitoring your activity during a day could be motivation or guilt enhancing, it's personal. What is certain, the spotlight is back on the wristwatch and our individuality is the star of the show.

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