London based designer Richard Hoptroff creates timepieces that have a classic aesthetic, powered by technology that suits our digital lifestyles. 

Launching on November 6th at Salon QP, the No.16 precedes the Hoptroff No.10 pocket watch, the first Atomic powered time keeper. 

The "infinity loop" case was designed to reduce thickness, maintaining a sleeker profile beneath a shirt cuff. The dial boasts 8 complications, glowing eyes on the face figures and it is possibly the most accurate watch in the world, able to keep time to 11⁄2 seconds per thousand years! 

Unique is an understatement here, it's a watch one may need to see in person to fully decide. What is clear is that there's still numerous ways to innovate a wristwatch and Salon QP will surely be interesting. 


adrian aldredComment