Every appointment I host is unique, as none of us are exactly the same. My aim is not only to understand the type of watch you are looking for, or the current collection you may have. I try to put myself completely in your shoes (I have small feet so it usually works) so I can understand your taste and personal style, then the stories behind past purchases. A luxury watch is often bought to mark a certain milestone or period in our lives. Our conversation helps me select the perfect piece for you. 

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Okay, now we've spoken, I have a brief and the curating process begins. Unlike the regular watch shop that may select watches from the brands within their roster. I source from any brand I feel best answers the brief as long as it's unique. This can lead to completely new brand introductions and goes beyond the pieces featured on this site. I may also bring a few surprise trinkets certain to inspire!  

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For the appointment I will bring some of the most unique watches, curated especially for you. Prepare to touch the well crafted finishes, hear a new brand's story, and receive honest advice. The selection will be unveiled from a 70-year-old box, customised to my exacting standards, finished by the same company who lacquered the dashboards of the Rolls Royce Phantom when it was launched. 

Not only can Adrian provide access to really unusual pieces, the buying experience that he offers is second-to-none and tailored to your exact requirements
— Mark Whitworth CRM Manager Mercedes Benz UK

Please note, this service is by invitation and referral only. However you may submit an enquiry of interest and you will be contacted to discuss your individual requirements for future consideration.