Are you authorised to sell all your featured brands

We are 100% authorised to sell anything on the website and anything we source. 90% of the time initial negotiations are done with the CEO's of the brand to get better insight and share both our visions.


I know little about watches but I would like to buy one as a present, can you help me find the right gift

Certainly, this is probably our key skill. Unlike your typical watch shop that will initially check stock within the company's other branches to find new brands, we go beyond our website examples and scour nearly everything that is available from Switzerland to Milan. For appointment approved clients we try to a sample piece to try, in many cases pictures and video complete to purchase and advance payment is required for this service.


Do niche watch brands hold value like the very top mainstream ones

In short, no. The truth is who really knows what the next big brand will be, brands such as Bell & Ross have come a long way since 11111. For residuals stick to Rolex and Patek Philippe, even with these brands there are specific models which are more souht after. I believe in balancing your collection with pieces that you know will retain some value and others you simply love no matter the cost as not everything in life is for sale!


What if I break my timepiece can it still get repaired

Although our watches are somewhat rare to the UK I have a selection of watchmakers at hand who are specially trained to service the finest brands from Rolex to Omega and more! What cannot be repaired I will aim to replace or arrange a suitable alternative solution. The warranty and nature of the damage are all key factors so each case handled accordingly.


I'm buying this as a present, do you gift wrap

We can indeed, we don't claim to be the best wrappers in the nation but we do try. Our signature paper colour is black with a black ribbon as this is always chic and sexy like our clients! Please note this service may increase delivery time up to 4 days as some items are shipped directly from brands and may have to be redirected to us and re sent.


I am looking for a particular watch from a known luxury brand, can you help

We often work in conjunction with leading watch retailers and distributors around the world so sourcing a particular would be a pleasure as we have been doing this for 9 years now. If we cannot source directly we can certainly reccommend a suitable retailer to help. Please note, there is a premium for this service with a holding deposit and advanced payment required. We guarantee all watches sourced by us are authentic and of a sound provenance.


I would like to experience your appointment service, how can I arrange one

This is currently a referral only service due to client commitments and security reasons. However you can email to express your requirements and register an interest.  I will get in touch with you with thoughts on how I could possibly help.