EDELBERG Sloop pen

EDELBERG Sloop pen



This Swiss Made lifestyle brand has a design aesthetic I truly admire with every piece utilising the materials and finishing usually reserved solely for watches. The sleek profile, innovative materials and unique disappearing clip make the Sloop my writing instrument of choice. It feels like a useful Bond gadget.

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Manufacturer's Ref: EB-1001

Type: Rollerball

Barrel: precious black resin

Engraved line: red lacquer

Metal parts: stainless steel with Super-LumiNova logo

Special ‘disappearing’ clip mechanism

Manufacture: 100% Swiss Made


Edelberg comprising Swiss made high tech writing instruments and accessories that reflects a combination of passion, art, design, innovation and entrepreneurship mixed in the correct proportions. All this is made in our 105 years old factory in Geneva. A team of creative minds led by Naldi have planned and created the products which have undergone a rigorous procedure for quality and durability.

The name Edelberg is composed of two words Edelweiss and Gutenberg which are linked strongly to the image and the entire value chain and captures the core values of the brand. Edelweiss is the unmistakable Swiss flower, a national symbol, which thrives on the alpine pastures. It is one of the many flowers which add to the beauty of the picturesque Swiss landscape. The association with Switzerland also identifies quality craftsmanship for which the nation is recognised globally. Gutenberg is in honour of Johannes Gutenberg of Germany, the global inventor of the mechanical printing press. Gutenberg, the goldsmith and printer is credited with being the first European to use movable type printing around 1439. His work, the Gutenberg Bible, (also known as the 42-line Bible), has been acclaimed for its high aesthetic and technical quality.