BOCA DO LOBO CLOUD - watch winder

BOCA DO LOBO CLOUD - watch winder


Boca do Lobo design furniture as art, the unique "Cloud" watch winder is hand crafted from wood with a luxurious high gloss varnish and gold leaf. A centerpiece for any dressing table, this is the ultimate in elegance for maintaining her cherished timepiece.  

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Function: Watch winder for one automatic watch

High-quality clasp system: Suitable for watches with leather and steel bracelets

Three rotation programmes: Rotation to the right, left or alternating

Four interval programmes:
a) Rotation for 33 seconds followed by 12 minutes rest
b) Rotation for 10 minutes followed by 90 minutes rest
c) Rotation for 30 minutes followed by 3 hours rest
d) Rotation for 1 hour followed by 3 hours rest

Construction and features: Composed by metallic spheres and semi
spheres joined together. Recessed viewing window and low operating noise

Arts and Techniques: Joinery, Foundry, Lacquering, Varnishing and Polish.

Materials and Finishes: Aluminium, Black Lacquer and Gold Plated.

Customisation options: Custom sizes and colours are available at an additional cost upon request.

Observations for mounting: It contains pads on the base to protect the support area

Power: Mains power operation (EU/UK AC adapter supplied)

Width/length: 30cm 

Depth: 25cm 

Height: 20cm 

Clean and Care: Dry cloth