Döttling - Gyrowinder watch winder

Döttling - Gyrowinder watch winder


The Döttling Gyrowinder is the ultimate connoisseur table top attraction. With a mesmerizing orbital motion, it allows free rotation in all directions, perfectly complimenting your wrists' movement. Adjustable counter balancing weights and a hand-blown, crystal glass cover makes it worthy of your finest conversation piece.

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Material: Manufactured of solid aluminium, shiny polished/satinated and finished in Nickel

Base: Wood, finished in shiny black lacquer

Function: Multi-axis system that allows the watch to turn in all directions, including a 360° turn

Illumination: 4 LED spots that illuminate the instrument

Set up: 1 water spirit level to help to set the optimum position of the base by adjusting the 3 feet and 4 sets of counterweights for the individual weight adjustment of each watch

Domed cover: Mouth-blown crystal-glass

Height: 330 mm

Diameter base: 330 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Please note: Features such as: Engraving of your initials, other base finishes can be arranged on request, contact info@convopiece.com to discuss. The worldwide shipping cost is £450