Swisskubik - Yacht wood watch winder

Swisskubik - Yacht wood watch winder


SwissKubik is the luxury watch brand's choice of winder. If you own an automatic watch that you are not wearing daily, you need one of these! Designed and made in Geneva, the high-quality motor runs quiet enough to hear yourself think up that new business idea. The array of inviting colours and finishes complement any stylish interior. 

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Colour and material: Brown, Yacht wood veneer

Operation: “USB computer interface” offering a personalized programming of number of turns per day for all automatic watches

Power: Two standard alkaline batteries (C type) giving a life span of over 3 years in continuous mode

Safety: Adjustable watch support with “security clip “

Modes: Pause/standby mode in vertical position

Warranty: 3 years worldwide 

Origin: Swiss made