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There’s a plethora of great retailers of Rolex, Patek, Jaeger and the like. So you will find no mainstream brands here.

Convopiece specialises in finding those "conversation pieces" that spark intrigue at first sight. My service is discreet, personal and bespoke to the nuances of your taste. credible.

Having provided clients with insight, inspiration and unrivalled access to the most exclusive watches in the world for more than 10 years, I'm confident of my value to both new and established watch collectors.

For more than 10 years, I have provided clients with unrivalled access to the most exclusive watches in the world. The inspiration, insight and expertise I offer is valuable to those who seek the exceptional – whether they are new or established watch collectors.

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The demands of business and family can leave little time to invest in personal luxuries. So my appointments are scheduled around your lifestyle, not 9-5.

From personal watchmaker meetings and watch edit documents, to video calls from an exclusive launch event – every aspect of my service is personally curated, and specially delivered.



curated to your unique brief

I have no fixed brands as a default single source. My approach to watch sourcing is bespoke, agile and very creative. From the super niche, to the fully bespoke, everything is possible with imagination and truly talented artisans. My continued goal is to serve a select few individuals, very well.