I like the idea of owning a unique watch. What's my first step?


Watches are very personal objects – they’re about passion and connection. Our access to some of the world’s finest watchmakers ensures we can source unique and exclusive watches to find the perfect timepiece just for you. But to understand what you want exactly, we find meeting in person is key. We will arrange a convenient time and location for you and, over coffee (our treat of course). After that, there’s no obligation to proceed. Simply “Say hello” in the form below to start our conversation

How do I go about creating a bespoke watch?


First, we get ideas about what style you desire, set the budget, then create a proposal and schedule. The development process can vary a lot. From using existing cases and complications to creating all-new cases and completely new movements if one desires! For some inspiration, view past bespoke watches here.

How can I ensure the watch is like the concept sketches?


Convopiece founder Adrian’s background in design helps bring ideas to life better than most. Depending on time and budget, you can either agree to a margin of flexibility with visual mock-ups or you can have 3D visuals. In all cases so far, however, the real thing has exceeded the sketch, like this example below. 


Our very first concept sketch

Finish  The final watch

The final watch


Why don’t you focus on mainstream brands?


Around the globe and online there are great retailers for Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and more. We need not add to that offering. Our goal is to celebrate the alternative, those gems that most never get to see. We care about watches and the culture, getting ideas to spread is how the industry diversifies and evolves. Our clients are proud to be unique and on the cutting-edge with creative watchmaking.

Why are you not listed as an official brand stockist by some of the brands you source? 


Our orders are usually bespoke one-offs, so it’s unfair to present ourselves as being a stockist if we do not hold a full collection of stock. When sourcing timepieces, we work with the official retail partners or go direct to the watchmakers. We are normally listed when we hold the UK exclusive. 

Can you source popular brands?


Yes, but mainly for existing clients. We source watches through our network of official retailers. As mainstream is not our key focus we often make credible referrals to people that can help. Always ask. 

Does a unique brand hold value like a mainstream one?


In short, no. Our view is to not to buy for resale purposes; if that’s your aim stick to very specific models of Rolex or Patek Philippe. Over the years, we’ve seen some independent watch brands perform extremely well at auction, but this is governed by many variables in the market and should not be viewed as the reason to invest. Like a bespoke suit, the aim is to appreciate the process and enjoy its craft, knowing it has been made just for you. 


What happens if a watch brand closes?


Although many brands leverage a 100+ year legacy, it should be remembered that even Rolex was a new business at one point and that not all businesses survive. In the rare cases a good watch brand closes, we will inform you as soon as we know and then consider any parts that may be suitable for long-term maintenance. Beyond this point, our goal is to maintain contact with the servicing team to ensure you are supported. This misfortune can also create exciting opportunities. For example, an ex-military client who loves aviation saw the closing of the watch brand Valour as an opportunity to create a unique display plaque based on a deconstructed watch.   


The bespoke plaque
Made from a disassembled watch, this plaque features in our client’s WW1 themed private bar.

The watch   A bold oversized statement watch with a case inspired by the engine of the WW1 Sopwith Camel biplane fighter aircraft.

The watch
A bold oversized statement watch with a case inspired by the engine of the WW1 Sopwith Camel biplane fighter aircraft.

The finishing touch  We found these cufflinks by Deakin & Francis to compliment the watch

The finishing touch
We found these cufflinks by Deakin & Francis to compliment the watch


iF I could go to a brand directly, WHY use the Convopiece service?


Convopiece saves time and adds value to our clients in the following areas: 

  • A broad knowledge of the unique watch market ensures our clients get a wider choice and better context.

  • Purchase with ease; payments and personal delivery handled  across multiple watch projects. 

  • We can attend events and research specific watches on your behalf. 

  • Design and creative consulting on bespoke watches and personalisation.

  • The perfect watch compliments are sourced to secure and maintain your watch. From watch safes and winders to custom made trunks. 

  • Additional services include: Prints of your watch, photographed by leading . A bespoke book that tells the story of your watch being made. 

  • Valuable industry insights, such as changes within a brand or an exclusive sneak preview of new models pre launch. See below




The model is simple, we earn a commission via the brand, your retail price remains the same (aside from any personalisation costs). Unlike a high street store, Convopiece is not limited to a fixed group of brands, we curate across the industry to provide the ultimate in choice. In some cases there may not be a commission structure available with a brand so our service fee would be an additional 10-15% as a guide. 

There are fees for semi and fully bespoke watch projects. These are priced on an individual basis and are automatically included in your final quote.