For years I've been contemplating a new addition to my watch collection. Previously I'd been more of a digital casual watch man but as I've gotten older, the move to a piece more in keeping with my lifestyle was required. The Convopiece experience delivered an informative lesson in the art of exquisite timepieces, all within a very comfortable setting. I needed to feel that my consultant had my best interests at heart before going forward. It became quickly apparent that Convopiece wasn't looking for a fast sale, more to build a long standing relationship. Since I received my watch I've had so many people commenting on the piece. This  is a true testament to Convopiece's understanding of my brief and execution of an A* service.

I could go on about the different facets to Convopice, but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprises. Highly recommended.

Adrian Dixon – Kiss FM DJ, Designer


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"Sometimes finding something as meticulously crafted and unique as a timepiece requires the eye of a truly inspired individual. Convopiece provides such a service; when tired of the humdrum high street brands, the personal bespoke service, and attention to detail; making sure things are tailored to your individual needs is what is required. Convopiece was instrumental in my decision-making fulfilling my brief to find a watch; something different that reflected who I am, stepping out and daring to be different. I can say with confidence the most inspired timepieces I have come a cross have been showcased by Convopiece, with their tireless commitment to sourcing truly inspiration and aspirational works of art."

Doug McCarthy of DM3 Design 


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A beautiful timepiece, truly stunning. Thank you for such a superb piece

Kelly Millis, Commercial director Bauer Media


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Working in the luxury retail business which is full of heritage brands often stuck in their ways, it's always refreshing when someone enters the fold with something new and truly unique. The Convopiece appointment service is like nothing I have experienced before. Adrian's warm, friendly nature and his enthusiasm is truly infectious and even after a long day at work, it really is impossible for his passion for unique watches not to rub off on you. I run a business where everything is rightly about the customer. I'm so passionate about the personal experience we offer and I know how I want to be treated as a customer, so there really was no other competition when it came to buying a watch. Convopiece has the customer experience and service down to a
T. The personal level of attention to detail in finding the right option for you as an individual and not just a consumer, is second to none.

I wanted a watch that was an expression of who I am now and who I want to be in 10 years time. Adrian helped me choose a Choisi skeleton watch that symbolises my love of the fusion of technology, craftsmanship and style. He even went as far as to order a bespoke Alligator strap for my watch and then came and fitted it for me at a later date. My watch came beautifully packaged in a shell finish presentation box that only further adds to the excitement I feel every time I go to put my watch on. Adrian has become more like a friend than just a retailer I bought a watch from. I know he is always there if I have any questions about my watch.

Working as an E-Commerce Manager for a luxury brand, I know first-hand how much design and effort is put in to building a website and online store that works with the user. You want it to be informative, intuitive and most of all, beautiful. I think Convopiece have got it just right. It's a site where you want to explore every link, image and written word. I always recommend convopiece.com to friends and acquaintances who are looking for something unique, personal and special. And a final note on my watch - well, what can I say; it hasn't been worn one day without someone commenting on it. It's my timekeeper, the finishing touch to my outfit and that extra little bit of confidence I need. It's my Convopiece.

Robin Switzman, Harry's of London Shoes


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